This project's goal is to implement Artificial Inteligence algorithms, the API, and make them avaible for any platform but especially for mobile devices.

The AI techniques that will be implemented are:
-Finite State Machine
-Fuzzy State Machine
-Neural Networks
-Decision Tree
-Bayesian Network

The main objecive is to superpass known problems with the mobile devices limitations and allow the community to develop better and more intelligent mobile games.

The project members can be contacted by community on the following e-mail:

As the implementation part of the project haven't started yet, we are not requiring any extra participation. But, at the time of the first release, we will be very pleased to have members of the community testing our stuff.

To the testers, is good not only to have J2SE understanding, but a little experience on the AI tecniques that we will be implementing in order to understand our approaches and suggest other approaches too. In the future, a nice level of knowledgment im J2ME will be required also.